For those who like to study numbers, an update on our District's contributions to the Foundation to (almost) the end of October.
Annual Fund: $USD 27,207 compared to $USD 39,086 at December 2020
Other (mainly Polio) $USD 18,857 compared to $USD 26,439 at December 2020.
Remember: the funding the District receives for District Grants, Global Grant projects and Scholarships (District Designated Funds) comes from the contributions made to the Annual Fund. Half of the amount contributed in the Rotary year three years before is returned to the District.
One way for clubs to to help decide the contributions to the Foundation is to establish an annual goal. Currently only 5 of our 78 clubs have entered a contribution goal on My Rotary for this year. It is a simple thing to do and ensure we continue to support our charity.