In 2021 our District embraced the new worldwide Rotary International focus on “Protecting the Environment” and formed a District team of experienced Rotarians called “Environmental Envoys” to liaise with and support clubs interested in pursuing new environmental projects. We recruited the team of 16 Envoys mid year, and have recruited over 45 “club environmental representatives” since. Additional nominations of club representatives are being sought from the remaining club Presidents in early 2022.  
One of the District Team’s initiatives was to establish a new Facebook group called the “Rotary D9705 Environmental Community” that provides a platform to enable the members of the Rotary Family (and like-minded friends of Rotary) to exchange information and ideas about environmental projects. Please join if you are interested in the environment.
If you would like to find out more about our new focus on the environment and are interested is helping, contact Envoy Team Leader PDG David Brawn on his mobile 0419 295 400 or by email on