COVID-19 Bulletin
Rotary will be different
As RI President Mark Maloney wrote in a recent email to us, this is an opportunity for us to demonstrate that Rotary Connects the World in innovative ways. We should be closely following the advice of the WHO and local health authorities. Again, this includes canceling Rotary club events and meetings in the short term to reduce unnecessary interactions that could cause infections. We can put a greater emphasis on the work we do in our communities by helping our less fortunate neighbors cope with the effects of isolation and fear, or by supporting our health authorities to address this situation.
I have taken the opportunity to send this newsletter focusing entirely on the COVERT-19 pandemic and look at ways we can continue to connect with our fellow Rotarians and community members.
I have gathered some ideas from other Districts and sources to share with you as I am aware that many, if not most Clubs in the District have decided not to meet face-to-face in the interests of keeping their members safe.
One of the ideas that has been suggested is to use electronic means to connect with your club members. Our District has two ZOOM licenses, one held by Paul Murray and I have one. ZOOM is a very easy system to use and anyone with a phone that has video capabilities can join the ZOOM meeting and see the other participants. Meetings can also be conducted with audio only but that is less preferable. If you would like to try a ZOOM meeting for your club or just the Board contact Paul or myself to set up your meeting. We will provide you with login details to join the meeting either on your desktop/laptop (provided it has a camera and microphone) or using a mobile or tablet.
The following articles provide some further suggestions on things you and your club can do while not meeting face to face. There are also some videos about COVID-19.
It would be great if you can share any ideas you have with others in the District as well.
Ideas from D9465
District Governor 9645 Wayne Milnes provides these recommendations for individuals and clubs:
  • Please follow all recommendations of the Government with regards to meetings
If you have been in contact with someone from overseas in the last 2 weeks or has been tested positive for conronavirus and/or you have any symptoms of cold or flu PLEASE Do Not Attend Any Club Meeting or Event
Please Clean your hands with gel or soap before entering or leaving the venue 
Keep your 1.5 metre distance and don’t shake hands or kiss 
Wash your hands before eating and as soon as you get home
If you decide to cancel meetings and events some alternatives are listed below
  • Look at the option of video conferencing eg via ZOOM
  • Look at the option of meeting outdoors
  • Appoint buddies to stay in touch with each other especially our at risk members
  • Look at using mobile phone Apps like "What's App"
Here is a link to a PowerPoint presentation with some further suggestions
World Health Organisation video
The World Health Organisation has prepared a simple video on YouTube which explains how to keep safe. You might like to share this with others.
The link is here.
Australian Rotary Health speaker on self-isolation
Mental Health Research Grant recipient Dr Carly Johnco talks about how people can manage their mental health during self-isolation.
Here is the link to watch this talk.
Report from China
This video is a report from someone living in China which explains what it is like under the lockdown conditions that have been imposed. You might find it interesting.
The link is here.
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