From the Governor
In his message for December RI President Mark invites us to attend the Rotary Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii. If you haven't bee to a convention before this is your chance to attend one in a beautiful setting and relatively close to us in Australia. This will be my first Convention and it would be great to have some D9700 people to join Fayah and I. You can register here.
You can view the Convention video here.
See you in Hawaii!
The District Conference in Temora will be here before we know it. One of the features the Organising Committee would like to focus on is a celebration of the achievements of our clubs in District 9700. To do this we would like to put together short videos (up to 5 minutes) showcasing one or a number of projects your club would like to celebrate with the Conference attendees. Please give this some thought and put something together. I know there are some great stories to tell in your club. As an example I have put together a short presentation based on some slides I was given of a project by the Rotary Club of Orange. You can view it here.
President's Message
Mark Daniel Maloney 

President 2019-20


There is no experience quite like attending the Rotary International Convention. Discover the true spirit of aloha and Rotary with your family, friends, and fellow Rotarians from 6 to 10 June in Honolulu. It is the perfect setting for the entire family of Rotary to celebrate, collaborate, and connect.

There are two types of people who enjoy visits to Hawaii — those who have never been to the islands and are about to have unique and wonderful experiences, and those who have had those Hawaiian moments etched into their memories already and cannot wait to create some new ones.

The convention is the best place to find and share your aloha, which you will soon discover is much more than a greeting. Just as Rotary is a way of life for Rotarians, aloha is a way of life for Hawaiians — one that focuses on living in harmony, being patient, treating everyone with respect, and sharing joy with your family, or 'ohana.

Positive Peace Report 2019
The Institute for Economics and Peace ( has just published the latest Positive Peace Report — an annual empirical analysis of the factors that sustain peace.
Launched at the Positive Peace Conference at Stanford University in October, the report outlines a new approach to sustainable societal development through the application of Positive Peace and systems thinking, and features the Positive Peace Index — the only known quantitative approach to defining and measuring Positive Peace across 163 countries, covering 99.6 per cent of the world’s population.
Struggle Street - new RAWCS project
SBS recently aired an episode of Struggle Street that featured the Zaric Family (Season 3, Episode 4).  This episode is still available to view through SBS On Demand. 
Ricky and Peta Zaric live in Nangus, New South Wales (about 30km by road west of Gundagai).  They have twins, Bree and Cody.  Cody has some severe medical conditions requiring travel to Sydney and Canberra on a regular basis for ongoing treatment. His disease is Dent 1.  This is very rare disease with only 250 people worldwide being diagnosed with Dent 1.  
Calling all Health Professionals


HEALTH CAMP – Mentoring and Training

One week in APRIL 2020. 
I’m currently organising a group of volunteer health professional to travel to the Dhading District if Nepal
The purpose of this volunteer trip is to:
  1. Work alongside the local health professionals in a mentoring and training capacity
  2. Observe and support the work that is being done in the key areas of Prolapse Uterus and Cervical Cancer
  3. Provide new ideas and training in other areas of health
    1. Breast cancer awareness
    2. Menopause
    3. Areas of men’s health
    4. Nutrition
    5. Other areas of health
  4. There will also be an opportunity should people wish, to travel to other areas of Nepal and explore its people and landscapes
  5. There will also be visits to Ratnanagar Rotary Club to observe and interact with Rotarians who are carrying out amazing work in the Chitwan district, particularly in the health field
Should you like to know more about this amazing opportunity to work in a developing country and to support its people, please check the download document and contact me:
Mary Brell OAM
Ph: 0147 215 986
December is Disease Prevention and Treatment Month
From the many thousands of projects in this area of focus, this one in Nepal is at a hospital I visited in 2018.
Ratnanagar is a fast growing city in mid-western part of Nepal. There is 25 bedded government hospital named Bakulahar Ratnanagar Hospital and kidney patients are growing alarmingly. In view of this scenario, Rotary club of Narayangarh handed over three  haemodialysis machines to the hospital. The kidney patients not only from this part but neighboring districts will benefit from the project.
Australian Rotary Health scholarships
Australian Rotary Health Logo               
Australian Rotary Health (ARH) sponsors a range of scholarships to students working in various fields of health. These range from undergraduate scholarships, indigenous scholarships, PhD scholarships to Post Doctoral Fellowships.
In a recent report on activities to the ARH Board, project officer Cheryl Deguara reported on projects from two of the recently awarded PhD scholars.
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