2019 District Technology Training Day
Introduction of DisTec19  Graduates
DisTec19 is completed and we had over 50 great students, helpers and support persons. 
After some teething problems with circuit breakers and computer hardware issues, the day settled into a relaxing learning experience with outstanding food from Ros and her staff. 
The stories below are a composite of the hard work put in by everyone. Members gave considerable effort and time and hopefully gained valuable knowledge contributing to the technological growth of the new Rotary District 9705.  They are to be congratulated.
If anyone wanted to download some of the showbag files, they are up on the DisTec19 website.    For any followup questions or other requests, just email us.  Enjoy all the stories and photos below and be sure to check out the group photos on the District website.
                                   DGE John McKenzie                  Paul Murray
                                            DGE John McKenzie              Paul Murray



John at Distec 19 being taught how by Paul Murray

John Roberson and others attending Distec 

Brett and Vicki at Young Rotary IT

Brett and Vicki enjoying the lovely food at Yong IT


There are approximately 40 Rotarians in attendance today.

Lest We Forget

The Rotary Wreath Presented at the Ceremony


Doug at Distect19

Doug in Young Town Hall at Rotary Distect19


I  am reflecting on being on the stage in this Young Town Hall at my Year 6 Graduation from Young North Public School in 1965. The hall looks really nice now, but a lot smaller. Just realizing how much technology has changed since 1965!


Richard Clarke at DisTec 19

Richard Clarke at DisTec 19
DisTec 19 was held at the Young Council Hall on 28 May 2019
Oberon @ distec19
The Oberon crew @ DisTec19
Enjoying the day in Young @ DisTec19 learning how to use the many features of clubrunner
Media Stars

Enjoying DisTec19 

Ian Langford and Ray Williams
John Glassford at DisTec19 in Young


Richard Strong Distech 19

Distech 19 10:00 am

Before Training Started
befuddled Francie
Befuddled Francie

Ian Tooke

my pride and joy
but I didn't drive it today - too cold

Milena learning from Young Kangaroo

Milena learning from Young Kangaroo
Milena learning from Young Kangaroo

Marg and Me at  District Workshop

This story is at the District Club Runner Workshop in Young

Margaret and John are looking happy but it was early in the day when it was taken
This is us - Mike and Jane Whitten
Taken at the Rotary Club of Blayney's Changeover 2017-18

Boorowa at Distech

AG Julie attended Distec at Young and acquired new skills.

A well done day led capably by Paul Murray.


Pierre Mustangs

Sculpture of mustangs, Pierre SD

DisTech19 - Happy as a pig

Had a fantastic training session with Paul Murray

After lunch we were all very happy

Amanda and Mick attend Dis Tec 19

DisTec19 in Young

Amanda and Michael Saunders from Yass Rotary

My Experiences at DISTEC19


Helen & I attended DISTEC19 today.

Therese & Helen 

Distech 19 Tomes

On sunday 28 April, 40 Rotarians from districts 9700 and 9710 attended Distech 19 in Young Town Hall.  Participants were instructed on how to better use ClubRunner to promote their club.
Distech 19 participants Deidre Tome sunrise RC and Phillip Tome Kooringal RC

Sunday @ DisTec2019

John and Hank enjoying DisTec 2019

Exploring clubrunner with Paul Murray and sixty other Rotarians from D9700 and D9710, John Payne and Hank Doll.  We enjouyed playing with GIMP as well.


Geoff McLean
More DisTec19 Graduates
John Horton and David Post
Ian Langford and Ray williams from Bowral- Mittagong
Martyn and Patricia Witton from Merimbula
Ann Higginson and Doug Bell from Junee

 Toni Hopkinson from Yass was at Distec19
 Somasundera Bhaskarn (Bass)
Phil Nokes in front with Wayne and Helen Lewis getting help from DGE John McKenzie
Rob Forrester from Woden Daybreak attended DisTec19.
Thank You Rotaract Helpers
Thanks to Rotaract and Clare Lawlor for organising helpers.  Here she is with PDG Ian Tooke
 Rotaract helpers were busy. From the left Milena Dun chats with  Elisa Sweet while Deagan Newell helps  Therese Newell and Helen Pitt and Georgie Spora helps Ken Engsmyr.
Rotaract helper Jacob Howard is chating with Ian Langford from Bowral-Mittagong
Thanks To the DisTec19 Support Team
DisTec19 Rotary  Support Team
Dee Stewart - Technical Support Paul Weston -Technical Support
Hank Doll - Setup & SupportJohn Payne - Setup & Support
Rina Doll
Setup & Support
Roz Hill
Catering & Security
Carolyn Murray 
Stage Manager
Many thanks to the people above for their support and hard work to make the day a success.
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