Environmental Sustainability Chair
PDG David Brawn is the team leader for this new D9705 Committee, during its set-up and development.
More details to come!
Environmental Sustainability Events
On this Web page we will be providing links to a range of upcoming events of interest to Rotarians and friends about Environmental Sustainability issues. You maybe interested in this virtual event being arranged by the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG) as a Pre RI Convention Symposium on June 11, 2021:
The New Environment Webinar 11th June:
Here’s your guide to ESRAG’s 2021 Rotary Pre-Convention webinar: a feast of 30-minute talks throughout the day by leading experts on environmental challenges and solutions. Your $20 registration enables you to view the talks. Details of times, speakers and topics can be found in the ESRAG Symposium Program, which has the registration links embedded.
Session 1, 9:00 am:  Planetary Health - Eliminating Pollution and Invasive Species for a Healthy World
9:00 am:  Microplastics: Dr Tamara Galloway, OBE
9:30 am: Fire Socio-Ecology: Dr Toddi Steelman
Session 2, 10:00 am: Biodiversity - Producing Food Without Damaging the Life that Sustains Us
10:00 am: Living With Elephants: Dr M. Ananda Kumar
10:30 am: Edible Plants: PDG Una Hobday, OAM
Session 3, 11:00 am: Clean Energy - Producing Energy Without Overheating Our World
11:00 am: Solar in Schools: Robert Edwards, OAM
11:30 am: Alternate Energy: Joy Huang
Session 4, 1 pm: Circular Economy - Responsibly Creating, Using, and Repurposing Commodities
1:00 pm: Circularity and Community Resiliency: Brian Braginton-Smith
1:30 pm: Textiles: Ebru Debbağ
Session 5, 2:00 pm: Be Well/Resilience - Living in Harmony with Nature and Ourselves
2:00 pm: What We Eat: Dr Geetha Jayaram
2:00 pm: Carbon Net-Zero by 2030 & the Role of Rotary: Dr Sibyl Anwander
Closing Remarks, 3:00-3:30 pm,  Drs Chris Puttock and Pat Armstrong
The Environment Area of Focus launch on Friday 4 June was a great success with almost 400 registrations. You can watch the 70 minute event now, at this link