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The Australia Day Multicultural Project instigated by the Rotary Club of Parkes is quite befitting of the Australia Day theme – reflect, respect and celebrate.   The interviews that you have conducted with people for Peru, Holland, Cambodia, Nigeria, Poland and Brazil really show that a regional town does accept and embrace people from all over the world, which leads to an enjoyable and peaceful life in the Parkes community.
This project also embraces the objectives of Rotary in many ways:
  • Expanding our reach
  • Enhance Participant Engagement
  • Increase our Impact
  • Increase of ability to adapt
Congratulations Parkes Rotary!
To see a snippet of the interviews, go to
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Rotary Club of Orange Daybreak (RCOD) is a sponsor for Glenn's Push for the Bush. In January 2022 he is going to push his twin daughters' pram from Orange Health Service to the Royal Hospital for Women at Randwick to raise money for Running for Premature Babies, which will provide the hospitals with essential pieces of equipment.
At a recent breakfast Rotarians donated nearly $4K and the Club's Farmer's Market fundraising will round it up to $5K. Rotarians will also help at a local fundraiser Golf Day. District is also behind involving as many other Rotary Clubs as possible from the many towns on Glenn’s journey. Glenn’s walk is from 3 January and the RCOD will soon discuss its donation and try to get other clubs along the route involved.
So why is Glenn doing this? Well he is doing “Glenn’s push from the bush” to raise money for premature babies after he and his wife experienced many challenges with the birth of their own Premi babies Zoe 2.1 kg and Ellie 1.2kg who both spent time on resuscitation cots straight after delivery to stabilize breathing and check vitals.
Both girls required CPAP breathing support in the first days of their lives (Ellie for one day, Zoe for 7 days); and they spent time in a humidicrib so they could use their precious energy to grow. Glenn told the Rotarians: "Without access to this specialty equipment I can’t be sure our girls would still be here."

Glenn decided to do something about raising money for more equipment. His research led him the Running for Premature Babies foundation founded by Sophie Smith and her late husband Ash after they lost their prematurely born triplets to complications after their birth in 2006.
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