District Champion
PDG Michael Milston (Orange Daybreak)
0419 414 959
The World Health Organisation has a global goal to eliminate trachoma by 2020. Trachoma is an infectious eye disease that can be prevented with good hygiene practices. But it is still present in remote Aboriginal communities and can lead to permanent blindness.
The work of the Australian Government, the Fred Hollows Foundation and Indigenous Eye Health to treat trachoma infections has seen rates in affected communities reduced substantially. But now, we need to ensure that hygiene practices and the community environments are improved to completely eliminate the disease.
Can YOU help in the promotion of prevention to focus on the End Trachoma by 2020?
We have a new Project that you and your Club can contribute to in a hands-on way to really make a difference. This is the 2,000 Toiletry Kits Project.
This link takes you to the story, the Why, What, How, When and Where about the Toiletry Kits. PLEASE DISCUSS WITH YOUR CLUB - the challenge is to make 2,000 Kits by start of School in 2021.
All Rotarians and communities are being asked to consider getting behind this important project. And you will find valuable resources in the download files section and the links to the End Trachoma by 2020 website, and other resources.
Click on this introduction video
or copy this into your browser - https://youtu.be/t__M_vp3kkI
DONATIONS to this Project are being made through the community organisation Nourish Our Communities Ltd (there is an information page in the left hand frame about this organisation setup for the sole purpose of supporting the Rotary Australia End Trachoma project).
Contact for ideas, resources and speakers:
District Champion - Michael Milston - 0419 414 959 (Rotary Club of Orange Daybreak)
District Team - Ann Dib (0438 324 475) and Mark Hansen (0487 962 825)