The Rotary International Youth Exchange Program (YEP) provides secondary school students aged 15 to 17, sponsored by a Rotary Club, with the opportunity to live and study abroad and live with host families for one academic year. Students learn a new language, a new way of living and a great deal about themselves. The outbound student must have the support of a Rotary Club. It is preferable that the local Rotary Club “sponsor” the student but sometimes this does not happen and the District Youth Exchange Committee will endeavour to find a sponsor Rotary Club. The program has high public recognition and extends Rotary to a wider community, crossing boundaries of age, race, nationality and religion. Students act as ambassadors while they study and live in another culture. Potential outbound student candidates are identified several months before applications are due and screening at Club level occurs in April, when the candidates are generally in Year 9, 10 or Year 11.