Board Meeting Minutes
Date: 27th November, 2023
Chaired by: District Governor Andrea Grosvenor
Meeting Opened: 1930
Agenda Item
DG Andrea Grosvenor; DGE Rob Uhl; Treasurer Rosemary Everett; Secretary Jane Whitten; Area Governor Rep (Areas 1-3) Jennifer Newton; Area Governor Rep (Areas 4-6) Haseena Tweddle; District Rotaract Representative Libby O’Brien
DG Andrea Grosvenor
To record the meeting – all in favour - Carried
IPDG Geraldine Rurenga; DGN Robert Shore
Conflict of Interest
Nil noted
Acceptance of Minutes from Previous Meeting (25/09/2023)
Moved: Rob Uhl   Sec: Jen Newton  Carried
  • Jane to ensure that the minutes uploaded on the web site and will check with John McKenzie. Rosemary would like the financial statements uploaded on the web site, apart from disbursements as they contain names.
Business Arising
  • Nil Noted
Finance Report
  • Statement of income and expenditure for the period 1 July - 19 November 2023 Balance Sheet as at 19 November2023
  • Receivables as at 19 November 2023 
  • Statement of Dedicated District Funds for the period 1July - 19 November 2023
  • Statement of Disbursements for the period 16 September - 19 November 2023
Acceptance by the Board Moved: Rosemary Everett; Sec Rob Uhl; Carried
  1. The budget for the District Conference 2024 be approved.
Jane will assist Judy to upload the registrations on to ClubRunner.
Moved: Haseena Tweddle; Sec Jen Newton. Carried
  1. The Board notes its financial statements for the period of 1 July to 19 November for the Vulnerable Youth Project.
Moved: Rosemary Everett; Sec: Rob Uhl;  Carried
  1. The Youth Exchange Accounts be approved.
                       Moved: Rosemary Everett; Seconded: Rob Uhl;  Carried                   
Addit: RYLA 20 people booked in; We need to get 43 to break even.    Numbers need to be into the venue before 13th December.
Motion: Approval that the District underwrite up to $29k if we don’t get the numbers.     
Moved: Rosemary Everett; Sec: Rob Uhl   Carried                   
Indigenous Marathon Foundation Warrior Proposal
That the Board agrees to changing the focus of the Indigenous Health Grants Program to support the IMF Warrior program, providing that the IHGPC provides the following draft documents for the
Board’s approval:
• Aims and Objectives of the District’s proposed involvement in the program be amended to be used for supporting the Warrior Program.
• Guidelines for the expenditure of funds from the District account through the program
• A revised Memorandum of Cooperation with the Indigenous Marathon Foundation setting out the roles and responsibilities of the parties in the implementation and operation of the program.
Moved: Andrea; Sec Haseena     Carried
Future Meeting Dates
29th January 2024
25th March 2024
20th May 2024.
Operations Committee – Rob Uhl
  • Dr Stephen Utick - Team Leader Environment
  • Ian Whoolahan – Insurance Officer
  • Regionalisation – Brief update.
  • Planning meeting for PETS and District Learning and Development was successful.
  • Area Governors are working with clubs well.
  • DV Launch progressing well.
  • Communities (for Regionalisation) were to be named in November but has been postponed to February/March.
DG – Andrea Grosvenor
  • Brief update on activities
  • Area Governors please remind your Presidents that they are required to attend the AGM on Sunday.
  • Congratulations in advance re the DV Launch – Many Clubs are doing many different things.
DGE - Rob Uhl
  • As Tabled
DGN – Robert Shore
  • As tabled
AG (areas 1-3) - Jennifer Newton
  • As Tabled
AG (areas 4-6) – Haseena Tweddle
  • As presented
Rotaract – Libby O’Brien
  • As Tabled
Other Business
  • Jane to get list of Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers to Rosemary before the end of the year.
Meeting Closed: 2045
Next Meeting: 29th January 2024 via Zoom at 1930