Neville Thompson OAM was born: 8 June1930 and died 3 February 2023 - Aged 92 Years 

He was sponsored into Rotary Club of Temora by Gordon McGeorge PHF and PP and was inducted on 14th June, 1976.  His classification was Agriculture – Beef Farming.  Neville served as President 1979/1980.   Neville was the son of former member of our club, Past President the late Eric Thompson who served as President 1954/1955.  When Neville became president in 1979/1980 he created club history by becoming the first Rotarian in our Club to be inducted as President and son of a former President. 

Neville was a Director of the Club on many occasions, serving on Club Service, International Service, Community Service and Vocational Service. He served in all four avenues of Rotary service. Neville and Catherine attended many District and International Conferences and other Rotary functions over his long membership and enjoyed the fellowship of many Rotarians from all over the world.  The Club recognized Neville’s commitment to the community and district by presenting him with a Paul Harris Fellowship on 23rd February, 2005. 

Vale Neville