Partnerships across the nation

The Rotary E-Club of Brindabella partnered with the Newcastle Waters School in the Northern Territory and the Moss Vale Primary School in D9705.

Toiletry Kits (hygiene bags) were put together by Rotarians and the students of Class 2C at Moss vale Primary who all wrote letters to each individual student from Newcastle Waters [which is a 24-student infants/primary school, about 788 kms north of Alice Springs and 714 kms south of Darwin], providing education for the families of the Marlinja Community.
The Teacher and Assistant teacher and her 6-month-old “unofficial” student” daughter were also included! - see the photo at left.

Earlier this year Rotarians were thrilled to all receive individual letters from the students who got a Toiletry Kit each. The bags include hygiene items such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, face cloth and towel and a hair brush. 
Information designed by the  University of Melbourne is also enclosed in the bags to show the children how to keep their faces and hands clean as prevention from this blinding disease.

Rotary E-Club of Brindabella hopes to continue the link they have forged with the school as does Moss Vale Primary School.  Newcastle Waters Principal also included video links, produced by Northern Territory education, that highlights the students of the school.