District Children's Emergency Fund

The District 971 Children’s Emergency Fund was established by Noreen Watch, wife of District Governor Ted Watch in 1989. The Fund has continued through D9710 into D9705 with the merging of Districts 9700 and 9710.

Noreen Watch’s aim for the District Children’s Emergency Fund was to have available a small emergency fund through which the spouse of the DG could assist families in urgent need of assistance which might not be available from other sources. Typically for the families of children who needed emergency medicine but the family could not afford it, or funds were needed for transport to Sydney or a regional centre for specialist consultations. 

The Fund was seeded by the Belconnen Rotary Club in 1989 and each year the incumbent has sought contributions from Clubs, rather than a gift of flowers or other small gift to the DG’s spouse, as the DG made his or her official visit to Clubs. 

Over the years, the Children’s Emergency Fund has continued to support families in our communities with rarely a year passing without a family seeking emergency assistance. 

The Children’s Emergency Fund is administered by the spouse of the DG, and applications through Clubs are encouraged, to the DG’s spouse for consideration.