Communications and Public Image
Paul Murray (Carolyn)
6928 5562 (home) 0408 285 562 (mobile)
To ensure the smooth operation of the District through effective and targeted communication and public image management The tasks of the Communications and Public Image Portfolio are to:
 Provide support for the delivery of the various communication and public image activities within the portfolio
 Bring to the Governor any existing or emerging issues that may flag a potential risk for the organisation, District and/or Rotary International
 Receive reports from the various sections of the portfolio and use these to inform regular reports to the Board against the goals and targets set for the District in this field
Public Image is essential to Rotary’s future. It not only informs the community that Rotary is a credible organisation that meets real needs, but also motivates Rotarians to be active members of their Club and District.
Every Rotary Club needs a Communication Plan to not only publicise its service activities through the various local media, but also to frame how it will communicate with its members, what media it will use and how, when and how to deal with the media, what training is needed to ensure the necessary skills are available to meet the Rotary Club needs.