Communications and IT
Communications and IT Lead:
Emma Bell
The role of the Communications and IT team Lead covers a portfolio of responsibilities that support the smooth operation of the district and the achievement of its strategic plan by coordinating and supporting a variety of Club and District communications and Information technology committees.
Stakeholder engagement (Rotary and external) by establishing their communication needs and collaborating with them in the development of communications objectives, strategies and implementation plans using Public Relations, Public Image processes channelled through various print and electronic media. More information on this committees role is available from the menu link below.
Communication strategies and content This aspect of the communications and IT role is to ensure that the district has a prominent and positive Public Image which helps stakeholders understand what Rotary does and how it can and does make a difference.
In order to achieve this, it is critical that the committee identifies target audiences that have high importance and influence on the achievement of the district’s public relations and public image’s goals and objectives.
It is also important to identify the most appropriate communication avenues to communicate with those audiences and the setting of communication objectives, plans and guidelines that best support Rotary’s brand image, differentiation from other service organisations, facilitate member recruitment, engagement, and retention, and to gain public and government support for Rotary service projects and programmes.
Webmaster and IT this element of the role of the Communications and IT lead has a particular emphasis on working with the committee in exploiting the District website’s potential to reach and communicate with and to influence various stakeholder groups.  A further objective is to collaborate with the committee in the provision of support for district and club officers and members to obtain greater engagement by Rotarians in using the website and to volunteer to fill District roles
Another responsibility of the role of the Communications and IT Lead is to bring to the District Governor any existing or emerging issues that may flag a potential public image or public relations risk for clubs, District and/or Rotary International.
Another aspect of the Communications and IT lead’s role is to receive reports from the various sections of the portfolio and use these to inform regular reports to the Board against the goals and targets set by the district for the various elements of the portfolio.
The following functions namely Legal, Rotary Awards and Honours and Finance have potential benefits and risks for Communications, Public Relations and Public Image.  Specific details of these functions are covered separately.