Foundation (Royce Abbey) Scholarships
Foundation (Royce Abbey) Scholarships

Hank Doll (Rina) Young

0412 616 234 (home)


Hank Doll, Young, ph 0412 616 234 (hm), Email


The Royce Abbey Scholarship assists eligible people in neighbouring developing countries to help improve their agricultural knowledge and skills.  When operational in our District, he fund provides for three months practical training in appropriate locations.


Training is provided to complement existing skills and pars participants have benefited from opportunities to learn a range of practical skills in agriculture, rural development and education that can be applied when they return to their home country.


The scholarship also embraces English language skills and provides experiences working with a range of people to develop the confidence to take on new challenges. Recent scholars in D9700 have been from Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea and Cambodia.