Peace Community - The Story

Peace begins with ME + YOU making a difference …

Rotary service projects are projects for peace.
Through service projects, Rotarians are taking action to address the underlying causes of disadvantage and disharmony within our communities, locally and globally. These projects are making a difference to ourselves, our families and our communities.The idea of Peace Communities was initiated in District 9700 with Wagga Wagga being declared the world’s first Rotary Peace City in 1993.
Embraced by many Rotary districts and clubs, designated Rotary peace communities can now be found around the world.
While the projects speak for themselves, Rotarians committed to furthering peace often set up peace symbols on suitable sites where community members can meet on significant days to recognise the achievements and contributions made by students, schools and organisations within the community using the program’s credo.
Credo of the Rotary District Peace Communities Program
Respect for the life and dignity of every person, without discrimination or prejudice
Rejection of violence in all of its forms and towards all people
Resolution of conflict among people within local and global communities
Reconciliation of differences and the pursuit of harmony
Freedom of expression and cultural diversity
Rotary clubs can activate partnerships with civic authorities, businesses, organisations and community groups to focus on achieving peace and goodwill in local communities.‘Peace in Action’ projects can include creating a garden for dementia patients, supporting conciliation activities, carrying out breakfast programs in schools. Rotary peace projects successfully make a difference.
The D9705 Peace Community Committee Chair
PDG Fred Loneragan (RC of Wagga Wagga Sunrise)  |  | 0413 277 609
Other contacts:
Diedre Tome (RC of Wagga Wagga Sunrise)  |  | 0416 263 570
can provide guidelines as to how to officially be recognised as a Rotary Peace Community
With peace of mind, body and spirit, there can be ... peace in our home ... peace in our local community and ... peace in our world.