Committee Chair
Fred Fawke (Belconnen)
0402 439 933
Recover, Rehabilitation and Reuse
When Opportunity Knocks
Rather than being structured as a traditional project RRR is a broad network of Rotary Clubs, Rotarians and community members who proactively support each other in providing humanitarian support to the less fortunate in our communities.  RRR is not Club based but draws on the contacts, skills and talents of Rotarians across the board to identify unique opportunities to facilitate the provision of support as and when needed in the community. 
1st despatch of Recovery Roofing from National Mail & Marketing Hume with forklift supplied by Aramex and loading carried out by Pat from Canberra Country Freight
[from RC of Belconnen website ]
The RRR program has been running successfully for a number of years and to date has enabled the transfer of goods and services both locally and internationally.   This has been achieved by leveraging the power of acquaintance between Rotarians, corporate and government agencies and other groups to achieve the desired outcome of not letting any need in the community go unmet.
Its abiding attitudes are “When opportunity knocks” = how, why and when we should we respond.  The Rotarian taps their network of Rotary and community contacts and gets a response under way.  Our most major achievements have been in addressing response to issues where standard government and corporate response is unable to respond in the short term and the humanitarian need is immediate.
The RRR program is also keenly alert to reducing waste in our communities wherever possible.  For example, a major school changed its branding and all their uniforms were replaced.  RRR negotiated with the school and diverted the old uniforms from landfill into raw materials for the project of other entities both in Australia and overseas. This action subsequently led the supplier to donate the majority of all new school uniforms held in stock, and now obsolete, for the same projects.
Recover Rehabilitate and Reuse
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