District Champion for Rotary Action Groups (RAGs)
PDG John Glassford (RC of Coolamon)
0498 190 880
Service Objective
Rotary Action Groups are independent, Rotary-affiliated groups made up of people from around the world who are experts in a field, such as economic development, peace, addiction prevention, the environment, or water.
Action groups offer their technical expertise and support to help clubs plan and implement projects to increase our impact, one of Rotary's strategic priorities. This support includes helping clubs find partners, funding, and other resources. Action groups can also help clubs and districts prepare grant applications, conduct community assessments, and develop plans to monitor and evaluate their projects.
Read more about these activities in the Rotary Action Groups annual report [].
  • Each group functions independently of Rotary International establishing its own rules, dues requirements, and administrative structure.
  • Membership is open to Rotarians, their family members as well as participants and alumni of all Rotary and Foundation programs.
  • Rotarian Action Groups must adopt Rotary International’s standard bylaws and operate in accordance with Rotary policy.
  • Rotarian Action Groups regularly collaborate with clubs and districts on service projects in their area of specialty.
  • Rotarian Action Groups can help clubs and districts obtain funding or other assistance for their service projects.
  • By joining a Rotarian Action Group, you can engage in meaningful service activities outside your own club, district, or country.
  • By partnering with a Rotarian Action Group, your club or district gains the support of experts for planning and implementing a project.
Action Groups
There are a number of Action Groups, as part of the Rotary Global Networking group within Rotary International. The list of RAGs include:
Blindness Prevention
Blood Donation
Child Slavery
Dental Volunteers
Disaster Assistance
Endangered Species - the D9705 chapter is in this directory
Family Health & AIDS Prevention
Food Plant Solutions
Health Education and Wellness
Hunger and Malnutrition
Microfinance and Community Development
Multiple Sclerosis
Polio Survivors and Associates
Population Growth and Sustainable Development
Preconception Care
Water and Sanitation