Stakeholders Engagement
This committee will conduct a thorough review of our internal systems regarding how Rotarians in D705 communicate with one another and with non-Rotarians. This review will ensure that we communicate effectively, make the most efficient use of people’s time and energy, and avoid conflict and misunderstanding.
District 9705 Stakeholders fall into two groups. 
The first group are internal (Rotary), including our clubs and their current members, Alumni and the Next Rotary Generation, District Leadership Teams, Club Leadership Teams, District Committees, Regional Committees and Rotary International.
The second group are external (non-Rotary), including prospective members, our local communities (including businesses, community organisations, schools) and Government Agencies, local, state and Federal; special interest groups, and the recipients of our service/financial contributions.
Once identified, then stakeholders will then be ranked in order of influence and importance. This analysis will provide guidelines about who we need to communicate with, what the communication is, the avenues of communication and how often we need to share with them.