Science & Engineering Challenge


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The Science and Engineering Challenge is an outreach program founded by the University of Newcastle in conjunction with Rotary. It aims to address our skills shortage in science and engineering by inspiring young people to study senior Maths, Physics and Chemistry. The Challenge provides students with an exciting day where they compete with other school groups in demanding activities. This gives students an appreciation of the complexities of a career in the science and engineering fields.
Typically eight schools per day compete in a Challenge, with each school providing a team of approx 32 students. These teams are divided into eight groups that compete in one or two activities during the day. The fun and hands-on activities involve principles of science, engineering and technology. The concept is to immediately engage students in the activity with a minimum of introduction and theory. Students explore scientific principles for themselves rather than being guided to a predetermined answer.
District 9700 has been involved since 2005. Website - click here