This exciting project is not only continuing the great work of Rotarians in supporting financially the End Trachoma Project, it is also meeting the request of many Rotary Clubs and Rotarians about how we can make a hands-on difference. Contact Michael Milston if you are interested, detail in the Read On segment

The result: The Toiletry Kit
The Aim: to prepare 2,000 Toiletry kits for distribution to 2,000 school children in 30 schools in the Northern Territory.
How: ask your Rotary Club to commit to making up a certain number of kits (see contents below) - this number will be matched to a school, or for smaller Clubs your effort will be shared with other Clubs to meet the goal for a larger school.
What do we do: Source the material and items, Sew the bags, then Send the Kits to Alice Springs for distribution to the school.
When: This project will be operating over the next few months with delivery of the kits by January 2021 in readiness for the start of the school year.
  • School quantities will be up to 240 kits.
  • The estimated cost per bag/kit is between $25-$30 delivered (this will be funded by your Club). Your Club decides how many kits you would like to provide.
  • If your Club has a school in your community (or you ask if one wants to be involved) that can participate in the project and develop a connection with the school in the N.T., this will provide an opportunity for children across the nation to meet and communicate with kids they might otherwise never know.
  • Your Club will need to register your quantity of kits with the End Trachoma team (see flyer for details), and will then be allocated a school that matches the number of kits you commit to suppling.
  • The number of children in a school will be broken up into younger and older children. This will require a slight difference in the contents eg child's size toothbrush, deodorant, etc
The KIT: All items are held in a bag (40cm high by 30cm wide); made of cotton, and print design is to be unisex with as many different prints as possible to prevent sharing. Included in the KIT will be  one of each of:
  • Face washer
  • Hand towel
  • Cake of soap
  • Soap container
  • Toothbrush (variable size to accommodate different aged children)
  • Toothbrush container
  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Brush or comb
  • 1 litre re-useable drink bottle
  • Something special
Contact: Michael Milston to record your interest: 0419 414 959  | e:
Project Contacts:
Sandi Fulcher - 0416 063 434  |  e:
Sally Dell - 0417 037 079  |  e: