Wollundry Rotary in Wagga Wagga is an active club that is accustomed to managing challenges.  After having meetings for six weeks using Zoom, the members thought it was safe to go back to face to face meetings. Their normal meeting place as closed so they met in a local pub. 
After a number of recurrences of the virus,  the pub said there were too many members to stay within the rules and they could no longer meet there.  So they went back to Zoom sessions… with a minor change.
  • They had a smaller group (within the allowed limits) meet in a member’s pub with their tablets and drinks  (see photo below)
  • A number of members zoomed in from their holiday locations
  • Another group zoomed in from one members home and
  • The rest of the members zoomed in from wherever they were and
  • one group of 3 members joined the meeting from 4,000 feet in a member's private aircraft (see photo at right)
In spite of the fact that we are enduring the worst virus in current history, Rotarians are adopting technologies that maintain Rotary friendships.   
Widely recognised public speaker Michael McQueen was the sole presenter at a webinar organised by the District 9705 Membership Committee Co- Chairs Mary Brell and Judy Ford.  It was an excellent presentation and can be viewed by clicking on the photo of Michael on your right or clicking here.
Wednesday evening July 1st 2020 saw the birth of the new Rotary District 9705 and a new Governor Michael Moore AM.   It was  a festive occasion with all the presenters smartly dressed and the event was of such prominence that it was broadcast live on Zoom.  At the time of publication of this article there wasn't a known copy of a video of the event, however PDG John Glassford was kind enough to forward the editor screen dumps of each speaker.  Click on the video below to view those images.
2020-21 District Directory
2020-21 District Directory
Click on the above directory to download a full copy.