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The District 9705 Board recommends that clubs in our district decline attendance at meetings for eligible people who are not fully vaccinated.

The guidance of the ACT Chief Heath Officer should be followed by all Clubs in the ACT, and the guidance of the of the NSW Government for all NSW Clubs. 

The major points are summarised below.  The full text of the guidance for each jurisdiction can be found at https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/covid19-restriction-checker/gatherings-and-work/. These guidelines may change and it is the Club's responsibility to stay abreast of, and remain compliant with, current guidelines.

Congratulations to the following clubs who have been awarded Club Annual Donor certificates in recognition of a club donation to The Rotary Foundation of $USD 100 per member:
Batemans Bay, Belconnen, Bowral-Mittagong, Canberra, Forbes Ipomoea, Gungahlin, Hall, Merimbula, Moss Vale and Tumbarumba.
Well done and thank you!
For those who like to study numbers, an update on our District's contributions to the Foundation to (almost) the end of October.
Annual Fund: $USD 27,207 compared to $USD 39,086 at December 2020
Other (mainly Polio) $USD 18,857 compared to $USD 26,439 at December 2020.
Remember: the funding the District receives for District Grants, Global Grant projects and Scholarships (District Designated Funds) comes from the contributions made to the Annual Fund. Half of the amount contributed in the Rotary year three years before is returned to the District.
One way for clubs to to help decide the contributions to the Foundation is to establish an annual goal. Currently only 5 of our 78 clubs have entered a contribution goal on My Rotary for this year. It is a simple thing to do and ensure we continue to support our charity. 

The Shoalhaven Emergency Services Community Awards 2022 (SESCA 2022) are now open for nominations of deserved Emergency Services and police personnel. Please go to  'www.SESCA.org.au - Nominations' to lodge your submission;  the rules for nomination are also contained on this website page. 

The official launch will be on 1 February 2022, with nominations closing on 31 March 2022.  

Follow us on FaceBook - the link to our page is https://www.facebook.com/RotaryShoalhavenEmergencyServicesCommunityAwards

During the past 100 years, the Foundation has spent $3 billion on life-changing, sustainable projects.

With your help, we can make lives better in your community and around the world.

Why should I donate to The Rotary Foundation?   
Your donation makes a difference to those who need our help most. More than 90 percent of donations go directly to supporting our service projects around the world.

How does The Rotary Foundation use donations?
Our 35,000 clubs carry out sustainable service projects that support our six causes. With donations like yours, we’ve wiped out 99.9 percent of all polio cases. Your donation also trains future peacemakers, supports clean water, and strengthens local economies.

What impact can one donation have?
It can save a life. A child can be protected from polio with as little as 60 cents. Our partners make your donation go even further. For every $1 Rotary commits to polio eradication, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has committed $2. Make a contribution here - https://www.rotary.org/en/about-rotary/rotary-foundation

This is an excellent article from Mark Huddleston and should be a 'must read' by al Presidents and Membership Directors.  Click on the graphic for the full article. 
By now my followers should be under no illusion about my position on our meeting-centric culture. I fully appreciate that Rotary’s name arose from the initial practice of rotating meeting venues, but it intrigues me that 116 years later, the meeting remains at the centre of the Rotary universe for the overwhelming majority of clubs, and seemingly a large majority of Rotarians. I suspect a major contributing factor was the historical practice of measuring the value of a Rotarian by measuring their attendance at meetings. I cannot imagine that this started in 1905, but it was most certainly still happening in 2005. It strikes me that when an organisation has a motto of “Service Above Self”, the best way to measure the success or worth of that organisation should never be by counting the number of meetings its members attend. We really should be measuring service, or the product of that service; impact.  
Podcasts for use as Guest Speakers

The Rotary Club of Parkes, in conjunction with Animated Living, have produced a series of podcasts that they have made available to all Clubs.  These podcasts can be used for those occasions when you are left with out a guest speaker, or if you you would like to incorporate a podcast into your Club's speaker program.  You would need a computer and either a projector or a large screen to show them at a Club meeting.  Or if you are meeting virtually they can be shown via Zoom or whichever meeting product you are using.  The podcasts are on RC Parkes' YouTube channel.  Click in the graphic below to access them.

The podcasts are very informative and I commend them to you.

DG Leo Farrelly

Children's Emergency Fund
A Request from DG Leo and Elaine.
Elaine is continuing with the Children's Medical Emergency Fund as her charity of choice for the 2021-2022 Rotary year.
Elaine and I request that your club consider a donation to the Children's Medical Emergency Fund. If you are prepared to do so the details of the Children’s Medical Emergency Fund account are as follows:
Bank:  St George.    Name of account: RI D9705 Inc CMEF    BSB:  112 879     A/C no.: 479922903
Please make sure you identify your club and it would be appreciated if you also sent an email to Treasurer Rosemary Everett to let her know you have made the donation ...  reverett@netspace.net.au
2021-22 District Directory
2021-22 District Directory
Click on the above directory to view or download a full copy.